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October was the name of the eighth month of the year in the ancient Roman calendar. The birthstone for October is the opal and it is said that the opal will crack if worn by someone who is not born in October. With the month of October, autumn moves into full swing. John Lennon, Eleanor Roosevelt, Pablo Picasso, Mahalia Jackson, and Ryan Reynolds have October birthdays.

October 1- International Coffee Day
October 2 - National Custodial Worker Day
October 3 - National Boyfriend Day
October 5 - Do Something Nice Day/World Teacher's Day
October 6 - Physician's Assistant Day
October 8 - Yom Kippur
October 9 - Take Your Tedd Bear to Work Day
October 10 - International Newspaper Carrier Day
October 12 - Old Farmer's Day
October 16 -Bosses Day
October 19 - Sweetest Day
October 26 - Make A Differencve Day
October 27 - Mother-In-Law's Day
October 29 - Hermit Day
October 31- Halloween



November is the 11th month of the year and has 30 days.It is the last month of the Fall season. The flower for the month of November is the chrysanthemum. Famous birthdays in November include Jonathon Swift, Mark Twain, Indira Ghandi, Grace Kelly, Marie Curie, Carl Sagan, Charles Schulz, Matthew McConaughey, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

November 1 - All Saints Day
November 3 - Housewife's Day
November 5 - U.S. General Election Day
November 6 - Saxophone Day
November 10 - Forget-Me-Not Day
November 11 - Veteran's Day
November 13 - Caregiver Appreciation Day
November 14 - Operating Room Nurse Day
November 15 - America Recycles Day
November 17 - World Peace Day
November 20 - Universal Children's Day
November 23 - National Adoption Day
November 28 - Thanksgiving
November 29 - Black Friday



December is the twelfth and last month of the year. It contains the winter solstice which is the shortest day of the year and marks the beginning of the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere. December starts on the same day of the week as September every year and ends on the same day of the week as April every year. The birth flower for Decewmber is Holly and the birth stone is blue turquoise. Famous people born in December include Richard Pryor, Bette Midler, Lee Trevino, George Armstrong Custer, Walt Disney, and Maggie Smith.

December 3 - Advent begins
December 6 - Bartender Appreciation Day
December 7 - Pearl Harbor Day
December 8 - International Children's Day
December 10 - Human Rights Day
December 12 - Poinsettia Day
December 18 - Bake Cookies Day
December 21 - Forefather's Day
December 22 - Channukah
December 23 - Festivus
December 24 - Christmas Eve
December 25 - Christmas
December 31 - New Year's Eve

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